The mystery of mutilated horses in France and the role of GPS Necklaces by digitanimal

Over the past few months, as we approached summer, our customer service and support team has received an unusual volume of requests for information regarding the performance of our GPS collars on horses.

What most of the customers have conveyed to us is enormous concern over the fear that, during the summer period (when animals spend more time loose in open spaces) the horrible episode of animal violence that hit rural France during the last summer and fall.

What is happening in France?

This inexplicable wave of mutilations spread throughout the entire French territory and had horses as the main victim, but other animals such as donkeys, cows and even some goats and sheep also suffered .

At the end of spring 2020 and coinciding with the lack of refinement, a multitude of complaints from affected farmers began to reach the French authorities. Since then, 460 complaints have been filed, and the Gendarmerie confirmed 153 open investigations. Since this phenomenon reached media coverage, many are the theories that have been generated trying to find an explanation to the mystery.

There has been talk of motivations ranging from satanic rites and sacrifices such as sectarian offerings, to macabre challenges born on social networks or the deep web (dark internet). Others point to other types of interests that may seek a benefit with it, but the reality is that it is still unknown who or who is behind all this cruelty.

Map with the location of the different recorded attacks

How digitanimal is helping some ranchers

From digitanimal we want to convey our consternation and our support to all the farmers who have suffered these attacks or who live in fear of suffering them. Fortunately, although our system is not a direct solution, it is a preventive measure.

Our GPS not only locate livestock, but also allow you to configure different alerts, such as high or low activity, high or low temperature or loss of signal.

These alerts are those that help prevent an animal from being in a vulnerable situation and also detect if it has been the victim of an attack, which allows to act with greater speed and precision. In addition, there is the possibility that in cases where the animal has a GPS device installed, this can deter the attacker.

Mireille is one of the farmers who already trusts our GPS system

Mireille is a horse breeder in Oise and is one of our clients who has introduced our system after getting to know the situation in France closely . We wanted to ask you some questions to see if our system is helping you:

Q.- Does our system help you better control your animals?

A.- Yes, it helps me. Even when I know that the signal is not perfect everywhere.

Q.- Would you say that you have gained peace of mind since your animals are equipped with our GPS?

A.- In general, yes. When the coverage does not give problems, but I already know which are the vulnerable geographical areas.

Q.- What is your degree of satisfaction with the system?

R.- 8 out of 10.

Q.- Do you think it can be a preventive means (NOT a solution) against attacks or a deterrent measure?

A.- You have to know that animals are usually attacked in the meadow, so it can be a preventive measure since it can be followed regularly and alert you to an anomaly in behavior, especially if it stops moving.

Q.- Finally, would you recommend our system to other farmers?

A.- Yes. But with some observations, such as including a poster that informs that the animals are being followed by GPS.

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