Providing value to the final consumer through its online butcher shop and the traceability of the QR code

In the XXI century, and with technological development, we only have to take a look around us to realize that technology is increasingly present in everything we do.

In the livestock sector, although it is true that at a slower pace, technology is also beginning to make its way and to be present in many of the livestock farms in the national territory.

Livestock 4.0

From digitanimal we have the opportunity to witness how many herds with hundreds of years of tradition, begin to digitize by installing sensors that help them control and locate their animals, and optimize their farms to the maximum.

We have been lucky enough to help some of them to finish closing this digitization, making it available to the end consumer through a website | online butchery your products with a 100% traceability guarantee thanks to the information provided by the sensors. The latter is something that no one had done in the world, a digital impulse of its own thanks to the QR code that the meat carries. And what is this QR code? Well, it is simply a guarantee that the product has where the life of the animal can be consulted. Thanks to blockchain technology, the information is unalterable, and shows the final consumer all the animal data, heat maps, livestock information, distribution and transport information … among other unique parameters.

We show you some examples:

La Blaquería – Carne de Ávila

This Avila livestock that generation after generation, born and raised in a small town where livestock was the main engine to survive, has been monitoring its animals since 2016.

La Blaquería was one of the first farms to embrace Livestock 4.0 by installing GPS equipment for monitoring and locating livestock, and smart scales , which allow them to collect millions of data from our animals that we process in order to share them with the consumer.

Now, they already sell their meat directly through their own online butcher shop, where you will find all their products. Discover the authentic Ávila steak on their website!

Cumbres del Guadarrama – Premium Beef Meat

This Madrid cattle ranch located in Pinilla de Buitrago has a special essence, since we are probably talking about one of the most special Beef meats on the planet.

Cumbres del Guadarrama is characterized by having older cattle and, above all, by raising Oxen. Among the breeds they have on their farm, the Bazadaise stands out, a French breed in danger of extinction.

As they indicate on their website “thanks to all the information collected by the different devices that we have, we are able to offer products that guarantee traceability, animal welfare and the sustainability of agricultural activities”

Discover the most exclusive beef in your online store.

La Albaidas – Lamb Meat from Cordoba

The Albaidas livestock is dedicated to the breeding of Merino Sheep obtaining animals of high genetic value for sale, lamb meat, Merino wool and provision of ecosystem services.

Its meat is characterized by high quality lamb meat, by the animal husbandry system and guidelines. The suckling lambs are fed only on mother’s milk and the backbones are fed with mother’s milk and feed of natural origin from the farm itself to guarantee the highest quality and traceability. Their lambs are intended for wholesale as well as restaurants and individuals. Establishing a direct link between the producer and the consumer, guaranteeing full traceability and guarantee thanks to the GPS sensors carried by the animals.

The sensors also collect the transterminance of 2000 merino sheep that move through the Cordoba mountains during the summer and autumn, looking for cereal and sunflower stubble and the rest of herbaceous crops and grass in the pasture.

These are some of the success stories of the “From Farm to Table” initiative developed by digitanimal. A digital push to close the digitization of livestock.

Greetings from the entire digitanimal team.

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