How to bottle feed a kid?

In the event that a goat does not want to feed its calf, the kid has to ingest all the vitamins and all the nutrients it needs through a bottle. You can use a regular bottle, you don’t need a special one, and of course natural ingredients. You have to do it carefully and calmly because getting used to drinking from this container can take some time.

What are the food and nutritional needs of the kid?

It depends on the weight of the baby. You can transform the weight of the baby into ounces and calculate 10 – 12% of the total, the result is the amount of feed that must be provided three or four times a day at a distance.

At first and if the animal rejects it, instead of three or four, it will be necessary to give the bottle between eight and ten times to ensure that it receives the adequate daily dose of milk.

It may be necessary to ask someone for help so that the baby goat remains with its muzzle open. The placement of the container has to be as close as possible to the mother’s usual posture so that, instinctively, she ends up sucking on the nipple.

As soon as the baby understands the purpose and has been feeding from the bottle for a few days, he will get used to it and you will not have to force him to nourish himself by opening his mouth.

If the kid seems hungry and is looking to eat, he can be given the bottle, but it has to be within that intake calculation that has been established based on his weight because overeating causes significant health problems. In the event that the weight increases too much, it will be necessary to reduce the intake or speak with the veterinarian.

If, on the other hand, the days go by and he does not feed periodically, it will be necessary to ask and seek advice from the veterinarian.

If the animal is three or more weeks old, it can have water and hay at its disposal so that it can drink and eat whenever it wants.

The kid has to take colostrum.

Colostrum is a yellowish liquid that the mammary glands secrete a few days after delivery until the milk rises.

If the kid does not take colostrum often enough, his survival is in jeopardy.

You can milk the goat that has just calved even if it is not the mother and give that milk to the baby or, if you do not have real colostrum, buy it from a quality supplier. But you always have to have it at hand and, logically, natural is the best.

Natural ingredients must be used to feed the kid.

If the goat does not feed its calf and the bottle is going to be used, it is necessary to use components that are as natural as possible so that the kid grows up healthy. Do not give powdered milk or milk that is canned because it can be harmful to your health. In the case of opting for cow’s milk, instead of goat’s milk, it would be necessary to add three tablespoons of corn syrup for every three liters of milk.

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