5th Anniversary of digitanimal: from the traditional cowbell to the digital cowbell

This month of April is a very special month for digitanimal. It has been 5 years since a project was born that began to help Rubén, after the numerous losses he suffered as a result of viral diarrhea in his extensive meat farm in Ávila.

In its day, we were very surprised to see that there were no solutions on the market that would help the farmer to control his farm quickly and easily, so that in cases like Rubén’s, he could effectively help his animals.

From that moment, we realized the great difficulties that many farmers have, and we set out to help them improve the performance of their farm and take care of their animals.

In this context, Rubén Blanco, Carlos Callejero and Ignacio Gómez set to work to develop a solution that would ultimately mean a before and after in the management of extensive cattle, thus moving from the traditional cattle cowbell to the GPS collar.

Beginnings in an ideal proving ground

Our GPS location system for livestock has evolved a lot from its origins back in 2016, until today.

As all of us who have ties to the livestock world know, our animals are exposed to great blows, inclement weather, scratches, scrapes, bites, etc … aspects that we took into account when building our equipment. We were also aware of the great coverage difficulties that exist in many rural areas.

With all this information, and our experience as farmers, in 2016 we built the first digitanimal equipment, mainly designed to help the farmer to locate his animals from the palm of his hand.

Digitanimal’s first team

Evolution, development and design of a more complete system

If we are proud of one thing in digitanimal, it is that from the first device we developed, we managed to help many farmers and accompany them in their day-to-day life.

Once this first version was validated with more than 200 farmers, we continued working on the design of a new device that, apart from locating the animals via GPS, would also allow us to know more information about them, and we quickly got to work on a new one. team.

In 2017 we launched a new device, and by which you all recognize us, with our striking green box . This equipment brought great advances and improvements such as the integration of a better antenna, a temperature probe, and an accelerometer, elements that allow the farmer to know how their animals are, as well as a smaller, ergonomic, robust and waterproof box.

First devices with the green box

A team totally oriented to the farmer

With the evolution of the system, from digitanimal we have always focused on building a team 100% oriented to the farmer. During these 5 years we have gone from being 3 people to the 25 members of the team that we currently are.

We have different areas that make the operation of our system possible, such as the technical area, composed mainly of mathematicians and engineers who make it possible to transform the hundreds of thousands of data we receive into simple and useful information for the farmer. We also have a manufacturing area, which is responsible for the manufacture of the equipment (100% national product), and a customer service area that is always available to farmers to resolve any doubts or questions that may arise.

Thanks to our team, we achieve that more than 95% of our clients are satisfied with our system and our customer service.

Present in  more than 55 countries

Little by little, and as a result of the hard work carried out by the entire team that makes up digitanimal, we were not only able to reach the Spanish herds, we were also able to cross our borders to make the international leap.

Currently, our system is present in more than 55 countries. It is used throughout Europe, and also in countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, the United States, Canada … among others.

From such remote locations as the Faroe Islands, where a farmer was able to pull a group of goats off a cliff, or Bosnia and Herzegovina, where a local farmer was able to save a Salers cow that had a pine branch stuck in it and wandered away. From the rest of the herd, we get success stories.

GPS Cattle

Digitanimal devices around the world

As an anecdote, the names that the system has received are also multitudes. Some like “digit animal” others like “digital animal”, even “digital animal mania”, or giving a surname to the traditional cowbell, such as “digital cowbell” or “smart cowbell”. No matter the name, the tool that helps a multitude of farmers all over the world every day matters.

IoT, Big Data and Blockchain hand in hand in the digitization of the rural world

From digitanimal, we are firm believers that agriculture 4.0 supposes a present that is a reality, it is not an option and, above all, it is a challenge for the future. To successfully overcome this challenge, it is essential to work on the interpretation of the data and share it to implement a real and effective digitization of the sector.

We consider that the sector has great potential with the data that new technologies offer us, especially if there is a collaborative attitude and sharing this data with administrations and other agri-food companies.

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