Do you know all the curiosities about cows?

We are going to see more than a dozen curiosities about this animal that, in turn, represents a remarkable economic importance in our country.

 ?? Cows are sacred to Hindus. Why?

They symbolize fertility and motherhood . The law protects them from any punishment, mistreatment or killing for using their meat. To many Westerners, this blessing is shocking for being such a poor and starved country.

When population growth in India made rangeland were reduced in favor of vegetable crops, increasingly fewer cows were kept for their milk and their manure. This coincided with the arrival of Buddhism, a religion that protects these animals.

 ?? From bovine livestock, 90% of the milk consumed worldwide is obtained.

 ?? Depending on the breeding, the diet, the geography and the diseases it has suffered, a cow can live up to 25 years .

 ?? It has a stomach and four compartments .

digestive tract cow

Before food reaches the  stomach it passes through the rumen or belly, the first compartment, and the food is broken down with the help of bacteria.

Then it goes to the reticulum or net, the second compartment, which is a filter that handles the size of the food.

The larger pieces of food are returned to the rumen so that they can pass to the fourth compartment called the omasum or booklet and, from there, they go to the abomasum or rennet, which is the “normal” stomach.

Attention with these data!

–           The rumen can have a capacity of 100 to 150 liters !

–           A cow can produce 100 to 200 liters of saliva a day!

–        The digestion of this ruminant is very slow! You can spend six hours a day eating, eight hours ruminating and the food will be in the stomach from a few hours to two and a half days , depending on the amount of fiber you have eaten.

–           Chew at least 50 times per minute!

–           More than 40,000 are the movements your jaw can make per day!

–           They burp but no sound! Why? Because it is one of the ways to protect yourself from predators.

 ?? Continuing with the protection against predators, the cow has her eyes to one side also to protect herself from her enemies.

?? Like us, the cow produces milk when she has a calf.

 ?? After giving birth, the mothers protect their young for three days in the bush.

 ?? The lactation period lasts approximately 305 days .

 What do you think? Do you know and would you like to share any other uniqueness of this animal? We are all “eyes”!

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