A number of EmbryoGENE students presented at the 2011 AGM in Quebec City. Linked below are their respective powerpoint presentations.

Fazl Ashkar: PhD with W. Allan King
Mechanism of action of thyroid hormones in bovine pre-implantation embryo in vitro

Luis Baldoceda: PhD with Claude Robert
Comparative genomic and phenotypic analyses between Holstein and Jersey embryos to address the known breed differences namely in cryotolerance

Gael Cagnone: PhD with Marc-André Sirard
Differential gene expression profile in bovine blastocyst after exposure to hyperglycaemia during early cleavage stages

Carolina Cardenas: PhD with Lyne Letourneau
Public policy on animal biotechnology: what is the place for ethics?

Louis-Simon Corriveau: MSc with Lyne Letourneau
Reluctance to animal cloning: beyond risk and uncertainty

Fernanda Dias: PhD with Jaswant Singh/Gregg Adams
The effect of superstimulation treatment and follicular aging on gene expression of granulosa cells

Ernesto Orozco-Lucero: PhD with Marc-André Sirard
The functional analysis of developmentally important genes in bovine oocytes using siRNA

Alex Pasternak: PhD with Michael Dyck
Preliminary transcriptomic analysis of porcine maternal-embryonic interactions

Dany Plourde: MSc with Claude Robert (completed)
Impact of embryo production environment on the bovine blastocyst RNA expression

Priscila Silva: Visiting PhD with George Foxcroft
Comparisons of gene expression between high and low birth weight phenotypes in pig using the EmbryoGENE microarray

Derek Toms: PhD with Julang Li
Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor enhances porcine oocyte competence in vitro

Chi Zhou: PhD with Michael Dyck
Gene expression profiling of blastocyst stage embryos from pLH treated gilts

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