The EmbryoGENE Network was created in order to address important issues concerning embryo development in livestock, mainly cattle and swine. 

This concerted pan-Canadian effort, supported by NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) and various industries partners, is devoted to understanding the genome and epigenome of the competent embryo. It also aims to determine how various treatments relating to maternal nutrition, the environment of the embryo, and the application of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) influence developmental competence of the early embryo and, as a consequence, the future health of offspring derived from such embryos.  
The Network, initiated by Dr. Marc-André Sirard from Laval University and Dr. George Foxcroft from the University of Alberta in close collaboration with the two other Them Leaders (Dr. Claude Robert and Dr. Michael Dyck), is composed of 15 co-applicants representing seven universities. Canadian regulatory agencies (AAFC and CFIA) and eight industry partners are also participating in the Network.